Wonder Weaver

Wonder Weaver:  a year full of stories

What is Wonder Weaver?

Wonder Weaver is a combination of 60 minutes of stories and an accompanying hand-illustrated booklet with the full text of each story for children aged 5-9.

You can download the stories in MP3 format, as well as the  booklet and activities in PDF format, so that your child can listen to the storieslook at the pictures or read along with the text.

We like to think that Wonder Weaver blends all the good things that you’d expect from a book with the excitement of professional sound recordings and gives your children the opportunity to listen to the audio readings, read stories and look at the pictures, depending on their age or personal preferences.

An annual subscription gives you a new issue every two weeks, delivered directly to your inbox.  That’s 26 issues and over 26 hours of audio stories!

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Why subscribe to Wonder Weaver?

Ooh, so many reasons to choose from!

There are loads of benefits associated with children listening to audio books, ranging from literacy and critical skills development to parents enjoying a bit of “me” time whilst their children are engrossed in a good story.

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What do parents say?

We asked some of our subscribers to help with this, and they told us:

  • “Wonder Weaver is a convenient “treat” – it just arrives every two weeks and I don’t have to do anything other than download it.”
  • “I don’t have the time to spend hours looking for world stories to tell my son.  Wonder Weaver does the work for me.  Sometimes he listens to the stories, and sometimes I read them to him – it’s a win-win.”
  • “It’s reasonable.  Josh listens to the stories again, and again, and again, and gets several hours of enjoyment out of each issue.  Over the course of the year, that racks up to hundreds of hours of entertainment for under £100.”
  • “One subscription is used by all my kids.  They all listen to the stories, but the littlest really enjoys the colour pages, whilst my middle son likes reading along on our iPad.  The eldest just pops the stories on his MP3 player – don’t think he’s ever looked at the other stuff.  I can see them all listening for several years.”

We think Wonder Weaver is, well, wonderful, but if you have questions, just contact us.